Book Club

The JCC Book Club is back! We'll be reading The Jew Store by Stella Suberman. The group will meet August 17 to discuss. If necessary we will meet through Zoom, and further instructions will be given on how to attend.

Summary: In 1920, in small-town America, the ubiquitous dry goods store--suitsIn 1920, in small-town America, the ubiquitous dry goods store--suitsand coats, shoes and hats, work clothes and school clothes, yardgoods and notions--was usually owned by Jews and often referred toas "the Jew store." That's how Stella Suberman's father's store,Bronson's Low-Priced Store, in Concordia, Tennessee, was knownlocally. The Bronsons were the first Jews to ever live in that tiny town(1920 population: 5,318) of one main street, one bank, one drugstore,one picture show, one feed and seed, one hardware, one barber shop,one beauty parlor, one blacksmith, and many Christian churches.Aaron Bronson moved his family all the way from New York City to thatremote corner of northwest Tennessee to prove himself a bornsalesman--and much more. Told by Aaron's youngest child, The JewStore is that rare thing--an intimate family story that sheds new light ona piece of American history. Here is One Man's Family with a twist--aJew, born into poverty in prerevolutionary Russia and orphaned frombirth, finds his way to America, finds a trade, finds a wife, and sets outto find his fortune in a place where Jews are unwelcome. With anovelist's sense of scene, suspense, and above all, characterization,Stella Suberman turns the clock back to a time when rural Americawas more peaceful but no less prejudiced, when educated liberalswere suspect, and when the Klan was threatening to outsiders. In thatsetting, she brings to life her remarkable father, a man whose ownbrand of success proves that intelligence, empathy, liberality, anddecency can build a home anywhere. The Jew Store is aheartwarming--even inspiring--story.

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